How Music Festivals Merge Various Communities in Calgary

Undoubtedly music is one of the few things that allow humankind to communicate universally. It’s a fact. You don’t have to understand the lyrics for you to get down to a beat. The same universal truth can also be inferred when you look at the crowds that attend music and other cultural festivals. Such crowds come from diverse racial, economic and geographical backgrounds. But, they come together to celebrate life through song and dance. Even if it’s just for a weekend, you can say music festivals promote peace, love and understanding throughout the globe.

Here are a few ways music festivals in Calgary bring the diverse communities in Calgary together.

Promotion of Social Cohesion

Many things like race, religion, political views and economic status cause divisions across society. At times, such aspects can lead to anxiety, tension and even breed violence. Music festivals in Calgary allow people across all the social divides to cut loose to the music. They also offer an opportunity for them to share drinks and bites. Indeed, nobody has the time to think of their differences when they are busy having a great time. The result is a better appreciation for various communities all over Calgary.

Stimulates the Local Economy

Tourists from all over Canada and the world flock to Calgary during these music festivals. Such tourists need accommodation, food and transport throughout the festival. The local community usually meets these needs, which translate into jobs and services for appropriate pay. Locals can also cash in by selling merchandise.

Celebration of Uniqueness

There’s a rich diversity in the type of music various groups of people enjoy. Some enjoy music genres, such as hip hop and rock n roll and some have too much country music in their blood. Music festivals in Calgary cater to diverse crowds and musical tastes. This transforms the city into a vibrant melting pot of cultures, celebrating the unique aspects of every group that attends.