How to Never Miss a Public Concert While in Calgary

This generation of music lovers has more ways to enjoy listening to music than in the past. From YouTube to downloadable mp3 formats to personally curated streaming services. More options keep coming out with every leap in technology.

However, nothing really beats the thrill of watching your favourite act unplugged on stage. Finding a concert you’d love to attend can present a challenge for many. Here are a few tips that will guarantee you’ll know when the next big show in Calgary comes around.

Concert Apps

Mobile apps, such as Bandmate and Timbre, allow you to follow your favourite musical act. Such apps are convenient because they send notifications whenever concert tickets go on sale. Therefore, it’s an ideal way to learn about concerts ahead of time. These apps also allow you to beat the rush and plan your seasonal entertainment, as the apps will add the event to your mobile phone calendar.

Postings on Concert Venues

Various venues use a variety of ways to advertise their upcoming concerts to advertise them. The popular Canadian Gambling Insider is one source of latest news where people can get the Canadian online casino reviews after attending Calgary’s finest concert venues. You can check their bulletin boards and online presence to find more information. You also can read online reviews before joining an online casino to take advantage of various loyalty schemes.

Follow a Specific Genre

Calgary has a very vibrant night scene that caters to every type of music. Instead of conducting a general search, you should consider hunting for a particular concert genre. If you like punk rock or bluegrass, you can target a bar or restaurant that loves hosting such live music events.

Calgary’s upbeat social scene and 1.2 million population are never in short supply of such establishments. What’s more, you get to sample great food, drink and interact with like-minded music fans. What more could you want?