The Perks of Hosting a Public Concert in Calgary

Calgary is one of the most famous and vibrant cities you can visit in Canada. More than 1 million people call it home, and it also played host to the 1988 winter Olympics. The city’s economy is also shored up by the role it plays in Canada’s robust oil economy.

If that’s not enough, Calgary is also famed as a winter break destination for many students in North America. If that’s not convincing enough here are a few more reasons why you should consider hosting a public concert in Calgary.

Decent Public Transportation Systems

Calgary has an adequate network of bus lines and trains. This network can ensure that guests can make it to your public concert in good time. The CTrain is an electric-powered light rail system, and the fares are affordable. In 2015, fares were as low as $ 1.62 per trip. Your guests can ride the CTrain free if your public concert is hosted in a downtown location.

Many Outdoor Activities

You can pull a great crowd to your concert by marketing the vast number of outdoor activities Calgary has to offer. They can visit the Olympic park and trail like professional athletes. Or, go on a nature trail through Calgary’s 20,000-acre parklands.

Venues Are Plentiful

Calgary has various places that can host any public concerts. From The iconic stampede park for the summer to the Bella concert hall, ideal for winter concerts. You can find a venue for any public concert from symphonies, rock shows and any other event in between.

Proximity to Other Major Cities

This city is just a 3-hour drive from the US border in one direction and Edmonton on the other side. Such proximity means you can attract crowds from every other town in between. Your guests also get to sample the stunning countryside and world-class shopping destinations like West Edmonton Mall. Calgary is also a 10-hour drive from Vancouver with shorter flight times.